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Case Stories

Cooksville Creek Two-Zone Floodplain Study

Consulate Management Ltd. retained the services of Crozier & Associates to undertake a Two-Zone Floodplain Study of Cooksville Creek per the conditions of the Official Plan Amendment, City of Mississauga, and in support of applications for a proposed high density residential. Cooksville Creek has been the subject of numerous studies and reports for the past 40 years, primarily as a result of intense urbanization of the watershed. In fact, 100% of the Cooksville Creek watershed has been urbanized. This has resulted in an overly responsive watershed, characterized by frequent, flash rainfall runoff events.

Consulate Management Ltd. proposed an infill project consisting of residential high rise buildings located on Camilla Road immediately north of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway. The site is located within the floodplain of Cooksville Creek. Crozier & Associates successfully completed the requisite Two-Zone Floodplain Study in 2013 securing technical approval from the Credit Valley Conservation. The study involved a complex sensitivity analysis of floodplain encroachment scenarios and hydraulic impact following methodology per Provincial Policy Statement on Natural Hazards (MNR, 2005) and the work plan established by the City and CVC.

Noteworthy is the effectiveness of Crozier & Associates in resolving complex technical issues relating to the two-zone area that had previously been left unresolved despite numerous attempts by others over the past ten years. Consulate Management intends to proceed with a re-zoning and Site Plan application in 2014.

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